Wolf Gold Slot Review

This Wolf Gold slot is Native American themed game featuring five reels with 25 pay lines available from Pragmatic Play. It is available for play at a cost of 25p across every device, it also benefits from a free Spins feature that lets you earn endless free spins, and also benefit from huge symbols that fill the 3 middle reels. It also has the Money Respin feature that lets you can collect moon-shaped symbols. If you are able to fill the 15 positions you'll be able to win your share of the Mega Jackpot of 1,000 x your stake. Learn more about it in the Wolf Gold review.

If you are a fan of online slot machines 2022 promises to be an exciting year. There are more slot machines available at online slot machines for real money now than in the past and there are hundreds of companies creating these games. If you've ever played at any of our highest-rated casinos at GambleGuys You've probably encountered hundreds of slot machines from top-rated developers such as NetEnt, iSoftbet, Pragmatic Play, and many more. Pragmatic Play is the developer behind some of the most popular slots on the market! The game in this Wolf Gold review of the slot, we'll take a look at this Wolf Gold game to determine whether it's worth playing at your favorite online casino. Let's have a look at the game and find out if it's the most popular slots that you can try!

How do you interpret going on with the Wolf Gold Theme

One of the most appealing aspects when gambling online is that every slot is based on a theme. There is no longer a time where you'd try to make a bet on a number of bars or sevens with the hopes of a winning bet. Today, slot machines offer bonus games, mini-games and themes that keep people entertained.

Like you'd expect from the title Wolf Gold's theme is basically wolves. When you spin the wheel you'll be able to see all kinds of animals including horses, eagles buffaloes and the lions. Between all of these animal symbols are the typical J, Q K and A symbols. Moon symbols may activate respin features (we'll come back to this later) that are, naturally, a representation of the wolf roaring towards the sky. It's a fairly simple theme that is quite effective. There's nothing complicated about it. If you're a fan of animals (and specifically wolves) You'll enjoy this slot!

  • Theme - Join the pack of wolves
    Its Wolf Gold slot takes to the wilds of the American West and has an native/animal American design. It has the appearance as well as feel like a real casino and is rather eerie. The soundtrack is enchanting and rhythmic sound when you hear the wolves howling when you spin the reels. Imagine the Dances with Wolves film visually. The reels are set against a backdrop of desert canyons the reels have lower-value A, K J, Q and K royals symbols as well as a set of more valuable wild animals. You'll find cougars and mustang horses, bald eagles , and buffalos. A buffalo symbol is among the most pay-off symbol with a stake of 1, 10 or 20 times your stake amount for 3 or 4 when combined. There is also the Wolf as an wild card. It is able to land on any of the reels and replaces other symbols, except for the scatter that is a rock and moon. It also offers payouts similar to that of the buffalo (3 4, 5 or 3 can give you either 1, 10 , or 20 times your stake). 

How to Play Wolf Gold

The game of Wolf Gold is relatively simple. You can wager anywhere between $0.25 or $125 each time you spin (some casinos can alter this). Once you have that all you have to do is press the spin button or press "autoplay" when you wish to spin the reels in a continuous manner without the need to click every time.

One of the best advantages when the game Wolf Gold is that you can speed up your game by using this feature called turbo spin. With this feature you just need to press the space bar and the reels spin extremely quickly. Each spin will take about one second, or less, with this feature. Of course, it's still using the same random-number generator which is the reason for the long spins. It simply bypasses all animations.

In the majority of cases it's the aim of the machine is fairly straightforward It's to land 3 or more of the same symbols one row (you're playing a five-reel machine with 25 lines in total). Three "mini-games," including stacked wilds, money respins or free-spins.

  • Wolf Gold Slot RTP, Details & Wager Limits
    Wolf Gold slot is played using a standard 5x3 setup. Wolf Gold slot is played with an conventional 5x3 layout that has 25 paylines total. A winning combo is made by obtaining 3,4 or 5 identical symbols on adjacent reels starting at the end of reel (i.e. starting from the left). In this case, you'll require the buffalo symbol on reels 1 3, 2, and 4 to win the 4 of a Kind winning of 10 times stake. With 25 paylines set to play, you are able to play starting at 25p to PS125 for each spin. You can pick the amount in coins for each payline as well as the coin's value if have a particular stake range in your mind. There's an autoplay feature that is standard in Pragmatic Play slot games. You can select from up to 100 rounds. Additionally, you can stop the autoplay when your balance changes by a specific amount, in the event that you win a single time and exceed an amount, and if you win, or trigger a bonus game. The interface is easy and easy to grasp. It is also possible to choose the turbo or quick spin if you wish to spin at a faster speed. Its Wolf Gold RTP is 96.01 percent, which is average for a slot machine online. The variance is just a bit over average since it's rated 6/10 by Pragmatic Play. The maximum win is 2,500 stake which is derived from jackpots. However, the maximum pay per spin or free spin is 500 times the stake you have.

Wolf Gold Slot Symbols and Bonus Features

In the standard game (i.e. that is, not in any of the mini-games) There are ten symbols you'll be able to see: J K, A, horses, eagles, lions buffalo, wolf the money symbol as well as the scatter symbol of sunset canyon. If you get 3 or more them in a row can pay between 20 and 2000% of the bet. If, for instance, you bet $0.50 and you get five buffaloes in a row you'll be rewarded with $10. But if you receive 3 J symbols in one row, you'll receive $0.10. Three scatter symbols will trigger your free-spin bonus and if you get more than six cash symbols kicks off an additional money-return bonus.

It's a great game. Wolf Gold slot game comes with two extra features. There's the Free Spins feature, where you receive unlimited free spins with massive symbols. Also, there's an Money Respin feature where you receive respins to gather full moon symbols. You could get cash prizes or three fixed jackpots.

Free Spin Bonus

As mentioned earlier when you spot 3 sunset canyon icons you'll get the bonus of free spins. It's a bit surprising that this bonus offers only the possibility of five spins (which in comparison against other slot casino malaysia doesn't mean too much). But, every spin could be quite good since the three reels, four and 5 spin together as one big symbol. Thus, reels 3, 4 and 5 could represent the wolf, for instance. If you only have one wolf symbol on reel 1 you'll be able to win lots of cash! There's also the possibility of getting more canyon symbols during the bonus feature to earn an additional number of free spins. There's no limit on the number of free spins that you can enjoy!

Be on the lookout for the scatter symbol of the sunset canyon that represents the scatter. It is on reels 1 3 and 5. Find the sun-drenched canyon on the entire three reelson on the same spin, and you'll be able to trigger Free Spins feature and , with it, you'll get 6 free spins. It might not sound like much, but it's a bonus.

Your winning odds are enhanced by the massive symbols that fill the entire reels 2, 3 and 4.. If you can get another three scatters, then another 3 free spins will be added to your winnings. There's no limit to the number of numerous free spins could get.

Money Respin

The free spin bonus is simple The money respin bonus is a bit more complex. If you get at least six cash symbols, you'll activate the Money Respin feature. In this mode it's likely that you'll have at six moons taking up spaces in your spins. The usual symbols will vanish and you'll see moon-shaped spots (with more cash) as well as empty spaces in the spins. Then, you'll get three spins.

If a moon-shaped symbol, accompanied by money, appears at the top of the screen the symbol will remain on the screen until the conclusion of the game. If you choose to include one of these moons the machine will reset to three spins. back to three. The game will continue to spin until you think the 15 slots are filled within your device. If this occurs, you'll get the full amount in the moon spots but you'll also win the huge jackpot as well! The feature of money respin is very enjoyable, however it can be a bit difficult to achieve. It's difficult to find the moon's six symbols!

Another symbol to keep an eye at is the full moon that is the symbol of money. Find six symbolisms of the full moon and you'll activate to trigger the Money Respin option. All normal symbols are removed, leaving only the moons with a coin's worth, playing.

3 respins and then 3 more. If a moon appears on the reels, it joins the reels and the count will reset to 3. The game continues until you're out of it is time to play more respins or until the reels are full of moons. All symbols have stake multiplier value that are added after the game.

It is also possible to win jackpots of the Mini or Major jackpots, which are worth 100 and 30 times your stake , respectively. Complete all 15 positions with a moon , and you'll be awarded jackpots like the Mega Jackpot. This is worth 1,000 times your stake

  • Mini Jackpot    30 x stake
  • Major Jackpot 100 x stake
  • Mega Jackpot 1,000 x stake

The Wolf Gold Odds and Payouts as well as the Wolf Gold Payouts

Of course, everyone reading this Wolf Gold slot review will want to know what the odds of winning the big jackpot! Although Pragmatic Play has not published the odds for this specific slot, we do know the odds you'll win with each of the symbols. This should give you an idea of the probability of hitting every one.

  • Eagle: This symbol pays 16x your bet for five on a pay line.
  • Buffalo: Pays 20x your bet for five on any given pay line.
  • Lion: Pays 8x your bet for five on any given line.
  • Horse: Pays 12x your bet for an entire pay line.
  • A, K, Q, and J: Each pays 2x your bet for an entire pay line. Note that these symbols are not interchangeable.

Furthermore, the highest prize is 1000x the bet you placed and you can expect to be lucky enough to land that jackpot very seldom. The symbol of the wolf is wild and can replace any one of the symbols listed above.

Wolf Gold RTP and Volatility

The return to the player (RTP) and the volatility of this game is 96.01 percent. The general rule is that a slot machine that has an RTP less than 85%- 90% is in the "tight" side, whereas any RTP higher than 97 percent will be "loose."

Within Las Vegas, the world's gambling capital, the standard slot machine is rated with an RTP of 93 percent. Online casinos generally have better returns due to the fact that they don't spend money on the construction and upkeep that casinos in the land do. So, when compared to the slot machines in casinos that are located on land, Wolf Gold has a solid return. For online slots it's about average. It's fascinating to note that at 96%, you'll be more likely to win betting on Wolf Gold than American roulette that has an RTP of only 94.75 percent!

In terms of the volatility, Pragmatic Play rates this slot as slightly higher than the average (3 out of five). This is evident since the maximum jackpot is 1000x your stake (so when you wager $1, the maximum payout is $1,000).

Who Created The Game

The company of Wolf Gold is a company named Pragmatic Play. Other Pragmatic Play slots include Buffalo King, Fishin' Reels, Emerald King, Eye of the Storm as well as Return of the Dead. Pragmatic Play also produces many live casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and many other games.

They also have "virtual sports" services, which include virtual soccer matches, horse racing penalty shots, horse racing, and greyhound racing. Each simulates the real-life experience, at whatever night or day! The company was founded in the year 2015 and Pragmatic Play has quickly become one of the most popular gaming providers for a number of casinos around the world. You can rest at ease knowing that you will enjoy the best experience when playing Pragmatic Play slot machines in every online casino!

Do you have the ability to play Wolf Gold on Mobile

It's likely that your reading this Wolf Gold slot review on your phone , and you're thinking about whether you could play the game on the same device. Yes, you can! Wolf Gold works on desktop tablets, desktops, and mobile phones, the two versions, iOS along with Android. It is possible to play the slot any time as well on whatever device you want! It's important to know that many modern online slot machines are mobile-friendly. Because many players love to play on their mobiles Making a game that was not mobile-friendly would not attract a lot of people in it. If you're considering a slot that was released within the last few months (as Wolf Gold was) it's likely that it'll work with any mobile device!

The players should check out Wolf Gold in Their Favourite Casino

Since its debut in the year 2017 (it's not among the latest slots casinos since it's been in play for quite a while), Wolf Gold has proved to be a very popular slot among players and for reasons that are well-known. It's fast-paced, features beautiful graphics and a theme about animals which is very popular with players. Furthermore, it offers excellent chances for bonus games and the possibility of winning the jackpot of 1,000x your stake is amazing and also. If you're in search of a fun and relaxing slot that has classic (but visually appealing) graphics then look no further than Wolf Gold. It feels, looks and behaves as the brick-and-mortar slot machines that we know and love.

All of these elements create Wolf Gold among the most enjoyable slots according to our view! You should search for it in your preferred online casino next time you are playing! If you're not an active player on a website with this slot, look into joining a new casino that offers this slot. You'll be delighted!

Wolf Gold Review Summary - A cult classic

It is a Wolf Gold slot plays very similar to the brick and mortar game in a malaysia best online casino, hence its popularity. The graphics are simple however the music is a perfect addition for the concept. There are many wolves howling as you spin.

The gameplay is quite easy too. I discovered the free spins to be a chance to win or lose. I cheated a few times however I was able to fill my boots other times as the massive symbol fell beautifully.

The most lucrative wins will result via winnings from the Money Respin feature. Try Relax Gaming's Money Train 2 where the similar feature called the Money Cart Bonus feature can lead to 50,000x stake payouts.

The latest release of Pragmatic Play is a solid and unflashy experience. It's not the most exciting slot but you can be lucky with the huge symbols, jackpots, or Wolf Gold could yet leave you in awe.

If you love this theme Buffalo King (also by Pragmatic Play) is an excellent alternative. It offers 93,750x stake wins, which is a significant amount. Another alternative could be Buffalo Blitz 2 by Playtech which has 10,000 stake payouts with up to 14.400 chances to win.