Playtech Launches New Kingdoms Rise Games Suite

Playtech the world's most renowned gaming technology firm has announced the worldwide network introduction of Kingdoms Rise, a brand new gaming suite featuring an innovative reward system designed to improve the player's engagement.

The concept behind the game is the fantasy world of a variety of regions, Kingdoms Rise is a revolutionary strategy to both capture player curiosity and creating an affordable reward system for game operators. Initially , it will launch with three games, and the fourth game to be added in the near future All games within the collection offer players the opportunity to earn tokens in the game which they can then redeem at Kingdoms Rise's Kingdoms RiseFeatures Shop to gain access to additional content.

An ingenious map feature in game lets players explore the whole Kingdoms Riseuniverse with the ability to move directly between games. The map also gives teasers for future games to come, generating anticipation and brand recognition for the upcoming releases within the series.

How Does It Work

Players will be given the chance to win 50 Game Tokens (GTs) and 50 Pending Game Tokens (PGTs) at the time they first play the Kingdoms Risegame. The players then earn additional tokens during gameplay without cost that they can redeem to unlock exclusive bonuses and features from the feature shop. It offers various options that are specific to each game of the game suite.

For each two GTs players earn the player is also awarded an PGT. PGTs are given on players' behalf at discretion of the licensee and without any additional fee for financial bonuses at any time, either automatically or manually according to the criteria in the Playtech Engagement Centre which is with the help of customized game messaging or when a pre-determined limit is exceeded. Both types of tokens are an integral part of RTP.

Kingdoms Risealso comes with a configurable three-tier jackpot networked, Daily, Capped and Progressive jackpots to choose from.

James Frendo, Casino Director at Playtech says: "Innovation is always at the forefront of the playtech slot game development process . In Kingdoms Rising we're proud to offer an industry-first design concept for licensees and players alike. Its system of tokens offers players the option of choosing unlike any other - they can choose the feature they want they want to play, the best time to play it and the game they want to play. Certain players might want to test a feature once they've got enough tokens Others may want to build up their amount of balance and play multiple games at the same time. The main thing is, the decision is theirs".

Kingdoms Risealso " Kingdoms Risealsotakes the full benefit from the features that we have in the Engagement Centre, and offers our licensees a revolutionary cost-effective, content-driven alternative to traditional bonuses. This is an excellent chance to cross-sell from game to game and to build trust among players for the brand. For gamers, the opportunity to "earn" additional features in the game and possibly significantly increase the chance of winning will be an important factor in determining their own uniqueness. The possibility of earning more tokens that can be used within every Kingdoms Rise game will provide a compelling incentive to play all the games within the game collection. The popularity of multi-game brands like Age of the Gods is a clear demonstration of the value and value of original content. with its unique user experience, we're sure of the fact that Kingdoms Rise will be able to match the impact.

The Kingdoms Risesuite launches across the world on October 24th along with Guardians of the AbyssSands of Furyand Forbidden Forest.