How to Bet on Sports and Win

Although luck plays an important part in betting on sports however, there's an abundance of strategy and skill required to become an ongoing winning player. In this article, we'll try look at the most effective strategies to bet on sports in order to enable you to make a regular profits from your betting. Many people enjoy placing bets on their favorite player or team or placing bets on high odds to get an extremely lucrative payday. It's fine when you're looking for entertainment, but it's likely cause you to lose more money than you make.

We don't have any personal contact with you, however we'll assume that you're just like us and would rather win. This article will teach you how to accomplish this by giving easy to follow step by guideline on how to utilize the most well-known and efficient betting strategies and systems for sports betting.

We'll discuss popular concepts like hedges, betting on in the middle gambling against public opinion, and the zig zag concept. Jfdbet online football betting malaysia also share the best strategies and betting tips for the most popular sports such as NFL soccer, NBA basketball NHL hockey, and MLB baseball.

Take a look at this review of the best methods betting on sporting events. It is possible to continue your research by reading our detailed guides for every betting strategy.

The Sports Betting Strategies Tips

Here's a list of the most simple and quick tricks our experts have create. If you're looking to begin betting now, be sure to put these tips into practice:

  • Learn about basic oddsWhether you're betting on the internet or in person, you need to master the fundamentals. Look over our guide to betting odds for a quick start to getting up to the speed of things.
  • Maintain a bankroll for betting A betting bankroll. We'll discuss more in depth later , but we can't emphasize enough how vital it is to keep an additional bankroll to bet.
  • Diversify your strategy Your actionIt's always best to spread your funds across more bets in order to beat bad luck and decrease the risk of losing.
  • Avoid longshots and parlaysWhen you have a larger budget, you can put a few bets on longshots however when you're first starting out, they'll be an enormous loss.
  • Bet on the underdogOne one of the more popular edge you will find is when a team is hyped up. Bet on the underdog for more value and a higher payout.

Important Concepts for Begginer 

When you're a beginner it is essential to focus on the fundamentals. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll be able make more complex betting options. To help you get to get started, here are some simple and basic methods to wire into the sports betting circuits in your brain.

Keep Your Focus on One Team

It's a basic idea , but it's far more powerful than you imagine. It's more valuable being an authority on a single team than to have an average amount of knowledge of numerous teams. The more you are aware of one particular team, the more you'll be able to comprehend the value of the most recent betting odds.

As an expert in your team, you'll be aware about any significant information and if you're capable of identifying anything before bookmakers are able to make changes, you could increase your value. This is particularly true for smaller leagues that are not marquee-like. If one team isn't enough you, then restrict yourself to betting on only one league.

Study Team's Record against the Spread

The most common statistic you'll come across frequently is called "ATS" which is "against the spread". It is crucial to be aware of the performance of teams, not only in the win/loss columns, but as well against the point spreads that are that is created by sportsbooks and casinos. Consider the point spread as an additional competition for teams in the area of gambling.

Teams want to score the most straight-up wins feasible, however for the purposes of gambling it's equally important to know how they did in comparison to expectations of the oddsmakers, not just against their rivals. This is known as the team's ATS statistic.

If a team beats the spread by more than half of the times that's an excellent chance to place your bets on.

Respect Bankroll Management

This principle can pay dividends in any situation where you have to make decisions on how to invest your money. In essence, it's not only about the teams that you wager on, but also the frequency and amount of your bets, too. A good bankroll management is about securing yourself from the constant cold streaks that can occur from any type of gambling at times. First, you must to create an account for your betting which is distinct from your day to daily money.

If your total sports betting bankroll is greater than $200, your typical single bet is approximately 2.2% of your roll. If your roll is less than $200 should limit bets to a max bet size. It's always better to place more bets and have a smaller proportion of your bet in each wager.

It may sound like tiny amounts, but if you're looking to expand your earnings in the future and avoid becoming broke This is the best method to go about it. If you're not watching the Wise Kracks podcast It's time to listen! Bill Krackomberger is a strong advocate for a well-managed bankroll. Join to hear his weekly tips for betting on WBET.

Find the Top Odds and Lines

This is a simple one, but it's something most people do not do since it requires a lot of effort. In the context of non-gambling, if one retailer is charging higher prices for the bread than other nearby You'd be foolish not to select the one that is less expensive. But you'll have to do some research for the best prices.

The same is the case for betting on sports events. If you're diligent in buying lines you can get more odds on your bets.

Furthermore, due to the fact that you'll require multiple accounts at various betting houses, you'll be able to benefit from the various promotions offered upon signing-up and the first deposit. In addition, you can discover the top mobile sports betting applications to begin.

Ride Winning Streaks

The performance of a team or player in sports can be streaky. Sometimes , players are at their best and don't hesitate to take shots, while at others are as frozen as cold. It is possible to profit from hot and cold streaks when betting and , if you're able to discern them more quickly than oddsmakers, it's the possibility of a huge profit.

It is crucial to consider is that you must ensure that the odds are providing the best value, and you're taking into account all factors precisely. If a team wins an assortment of lesser quality teams at home, it might not be the ideal time to get on the bandwagon when their next match will be on the road against an elite opponent like, for instance.

Keep track of the timetable and the factors that will aid in keeping streaks alive. Also, if you're planning to play them on a spread , rather than a moneyline be sure to find out how they've fared on the field in the recent game.

Sports Betting Strategies That Work

After we've gone over the essential elements necessary for a solid betting strategy on sports We'll examine specific examples of betting methods that have been tested and proven effective when used.

You can hedge your Bets

There are betting opportunities in betting on sports where punters are able to make bets that are opposite to the original bet. It may seem odd to place a bet in opposition to your initial bet , but as you'll discover when you've done it right, it will make you money.

  • Hedging typically applies to futures bets, where the odds of your bet fluctuate significantly to your advantage when the seasons progress or in large parlays, when you've won a significant amount of your bets, but you still have a wager or two remaining to be played.
  • In both cases, you could place bets against the original wager and earn an income regardless of the result.
  • Hedging allows you to sacrifice the possibility of a higher payout in exchange for a lower risk and a guarantee of profit. By placing your bet on hedges that are larger or less, you are able to experiment with the risk and return you'd like to risk.

Let's take a review of how hedge betting works , and employ a popular illustration that was used in the 2011 MLB game.

In the SBOBET sportsbook, a St. Louis fan made $250 bet in the direction of the Cardinals to take home the World Series. At the time , the Cardinals were five games short of a playoff position with fifteen games left to play. There was a mountain to climb in order to be in the playoffs.

He bet $250 into the Cardinals to be the winners of the world series.

  • The bet yielded 1000:1 which could translate into the possibility of a profit of $250,000.

Lucky for us his predictions came true and the Cardinals not only made it to the playoffs but also won the National League Championship Series (NLCS) and also a trip to the World Series to play the Texas Rangers.

The gambler is now contemplating a huge payoff. What if the Cardinals did not win in the World Series. The Cardinals would receive nothing. This is the ideal chance to hedge. If you bet against the original bet, the gambler is able to lock in profits. Let's find out how.

Let's suppose for this instance that a bet on Texas Rangers to win the World Series paid 1:1. If the gambler managed to raise $125,000 and place his money on Rangers they would be guaranteed an amount of $125,000 regardless of who comes out winning.

  • The Cardinals World Series win gives the player $250,000 on his initial ticket, less the bet of $125,000 for the Rangers.
  • If the Cardinals fail, he gets $125,000 on betting against the Rangers.

Hedging can also work in similarly if you've created a multiple bet parlay, and you've made the majority the bets. In parlays, one loss is enough to end the parlay. If you have only one game left to play you can consider betting against your initial parlay bet to make profits.

Betting on the Middle

This method, sometimes referred to as middling, occurs the case when punters place an initial bet on point spread but then sees the line shift later. There are times when you'll find Middling opportunities when looking for lines and find an entirely different point spread for the identical game.

Utilizing the line change you can make a different bet in your initial wager and often win both. If this sounds unclear, don't fret. Continue reading for an example that will help you understand the concept.

In this instance you're placing an bet on the spread of points the team with an odds of -7 for the course of an NFL contest during between the weeks.

  • Once you've placed your bet, you'll notice the spread change to -10 on the day of the game. This could happen due to various reasons, including the excessive emphasis placed in the favor of the underdog from the bet public , or caused by injuries or other factors affecting players.
  • If you want to bet on the middle of this case, you can put your bets on the underdog with a 10.
  • If the favorite is favored by 9 or 8 points exactly, you will win both bets. In essence, you want to find the "middle" between the two bets.
  • There is also insurance as in the event that the final winning margin isn't in what's known as the "middle" between your wagers. One bet is likely to win while the other one loses which effectively cancels the other bets out.
  • The drawback is that you'll take some loss when this happens because of an additional commission (vig) paid to the online sportsbook.

Check out our what is the best way to bet on sports for more details.

Betting against the Public

This method is also known as "fading the public," and simply means to bet against the majority of betting public. It is also described as " betting against the public underdog" since the majority of people generally bets on the underdog.

  • The principle to be absorbed this is that oddsmakers don't make odds or lines based on what they believe the final outcome of the game is likely to be. The bookmakers also seek to draw approximately equal amounts of action in both the sides of a bet in order to ensure they aren't liable for a devastating loss.
  • Most of the time, the majority of bets are placed on the favourite team, or the one that's receiving the greatest attention by media. Since everyone is betting on the favorites, the book must shift the odds to the underdogs in order to make them more attractive so that more gamblers will choose them.
  • Being able to recognize instances in which there is a public push for a particular line can give the best bettors an advantage because that line moves in relation to the amount of money that is coming into rather than the probable outcome of the game. Therefore, you could place your bets in the opposite direction and gain more points to your advantage with the point spread, or additional pennies per dollar when you bet on the moneyline.
  • To disarm the public, it is important to pay focus on line movement. If you notice lines moving in the favour of the favorite, it's an indication there is a majority populace is betting on the favorite. There are numerous free resources online that can provide the spread of the action on certain bets.

Zig Zag Theory

The Zig-Zag betting theory is a technique that can be used to place bets upon NHL or NBA playoffs. It is because these leagues utilize a 2-2-1-1-1 method for the home games and away ones. The team with the highest seed will play at its home venue for their first 2 games and also on the fifth and seventh games, in the event that it is necessary.

The zig zag theory is based with two major ideas. The first is that home teams have the advantage. Additionally in the event that a team is recovering from a loss, they are more likely to play harder with a greater chances of winning. The zig zag method is best applied when a team is home, and is coming off of losing.

Let's take a look at the top examples of how to apply the theory of zig-zags:

  • The idea is that if the team on the road falls in their first 2 games they're usually a solid wager to win game 3. particularly in the NBA in which the team has never been able to recover from an 0-3 deficit, thus the need to win the third game at home is enough to lead the team to victory.
  • The NBA playoffs, if the team playing home loses the first game, they've typically won game 2 seventy percent of the times.
  • The NHL the past statistics are different. Even in the event that the team from home wins game 1 in the first round, the team that is seeded lower returns to win the second game on the road a third of the times. With the general public placing a lot of money for the team that is home to duplicate their win in game 1 try to find the best value on the team playing at home. If the odds are higher than 33%, then you're betting on a good chance.
  • Elimination games also play a significant role as they offer opportunities to profit from the despair of a team on the outside. If the team leading has been able to win by a narrow margin, people may continue to overvalue them by focusing on the team's lead over an accurate review of how the games were actually played out.

Sports Betting Strategies That Don’t Work

There are many betting strategies available which claim they have a secret recipe that guarantees winning. Of of course, if they actually were successful, then everyone would be wealthy and the sportsbooks and casinos are insolvent. Let's take a look at some classic betting methods which aren't quite as amazing as they claim to be.

  • Martingale System - The bettor simply doubles their bet following any loss bet in order to recover their losses and also earn a tiny profit. The main issue with this system is that a poor losing streak will demand an enormous sum of money in order to make it back even.

Additionally there aren't many betting sites which would accept bet sizes sufficient to defeat a betting system. Another issue is that the method is based on an even-money bet, which is very rare as sportsbooks charge between 5 and 10 percentage commission on bets.

  • The Negative Progression System (a.k.a The Alambert System) Like the Martingale method, in this one , you're gradually increasing your bets by the same units for each loss before dropping back to the bet unit that you were betting on after every success.

It's a milder variation of Martingale, because instead of doubling your stake in the event of a loss just increasing it by one unit. Comparatively to the Martingale method that only requires you to place your last bet to be successful, this system requires your winnings to be greater than your losses.

  • the Labouchere System (also known as the Cancellation System) (a.k.a. "The Cancellation System) This system is also known as the split Martingale method. The first step is to come up with an initial betting unit. Write down a standard sequence of laboucheres, such as 1-1-2-2-1-1. To select the bet amount choose the first and last numbers in the sequence. In this instance, you'd place a bet of 2 unit (1 1).

If you lose a bet multiply the amount you placed bets to the final of the series. If you win, you must take out the numbers that are the first and last within the series. Continue until all the numbers in the sequence are removed.

In reality, none of these systems will ensure a winning outcome regardless of their claims to deliver. The most significant issue is that they don't provide even-money bets. You do not have the funds to keep increasing the size of your bet, and the sportsbook offers limits on bets to prevent your bet from increasing forever, even if your money was infinite.

As we have explained in the other parts of the guide most effective strategies for betting on sports are based on sound analysis and research rather than "guaranteed winning" strategies.


There's plenty of information about various betting strategies on sports. Some are top-quality and others could lead you off from the goal. The point is, the more you know about methods to increase your knowledge of teams, the sport players, and various kinds of bets, the more tools you'll have in your arsenal of tools.

The knowledge you acquire throughout the process is what is most important. Like we said earlier it is better to be an expert in one area rather than a regular Joe across all fields. Find your specialization and create or implement strategies that are best suited to this sport and for the players or teams you are most familiar with. It's not necessary to spread your abilities across multiple sports, or even a lot of teams in one league.

If you're among the lucky Americans that live in a state that has legalized gambling, make sure you look through our extensive listing of the best websites that allow betting, including the most attractive bonuses and offers to help you get to begin.

If your state hasn't yet legalized betting on sports yet do not fret. It's likely to happen very soon. While you wait, study and getting to know more about your favourite teams and sports so that you're prepared when the legal betting options become available.