Genting Highland Casino Review in Malaysia

Genting Highland Casino (for short, Genting Casino), the most well-known casino is situated only 58km from the city of Kuala Lumpur, atop the highest point of Mount Ulu Kali in Genting Highlands, Pahang. It is among the few casinos that are located in Malaysia. It is the only location Malaysian gamblers can legally play in a casino that is located in Malaysia. Continue reading to find out more about online genting casino malaysia.

It was established by the late Chinese businessman Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong in 1965, Genting Casino is part of the Genting Group as a subsidiary of Genting Malaysia Berhad.

In addition to numerous physical casinos on land around the globe Genting Group also owns several resorts. Genting Group also built Resorts World Genting that consists of various shopping malls, hotels as well as two theme parks, The First World Plaza Indoor Theme Park and a newly completed Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park Outdoor. There are also two main casinos: Genting Casino in Genting Grand Complex and SkyCasino located at SkyAvenue Mall and the Arena of Stars amphitheater.

This review will principally concentrate on SkyCasino but not the casino that is its sister Genting Casino.

Access and Amenities in Resorts World Genting

To gain access to Genting Highlands Casino and Resorts guests can catch the coach that runs from Kuala Lumpur to Gohtong Jaya township and then ride the cable car to the highest point. Resorts World Genting operates the Awana Skyway and Genting Skyway cable car systems to take gamblers and guests into the resort.

There are seven hotels inside the resort, including Genting SkyWorlds Hotel, Genting Grand Hotel, Awana Hotel, Resort Hotel, Highlands Hotel, First World Hotel and their brand new luxurious hotel Crockfords.

After guests who are staying at the resort hotel must check into their hotel rooms, they are able to explore the shopping malls , or visit two theme parks before heading to one of two casinos: Genting Casino and SkyCasino.

Restaurants in the Genting Highlands are generally priced slightly higher than those in Kuala Lumpur or other cities however, they offer a wide range of options that range from Asian restaurants food courts, as well as Western cafes and eateries. For Muslim travelers there are also Halal alternatives to take advantage of.

Genting Casino Review

SkyCasino is a casino that is newer situated within SkyAvenue Mall. It is comprised of three levels. The first and second levels are available to the general public, while the third level is only for Silver card holders.

The casino accepts Malaysian currency. Malaysian currency, therefore those who have foreign currencies such as USD, GBP or Euros must change their currencies to Malaysian MYR currency. Malaysian MYR currency in order to bet at the casino. The casino also accepts credit and debit cards.

The guests who visit this sleek and modern casino will be able to enjoy an unparalleled experience inside. The casino has been constructed to resemble an green forest, which gives you the feel of lush greenery that surrounds its four walls, inside.

Take a stroll among its massive wooden pillars, sculpted like tree trunks that are abstract. The pillars create the sensation of being awed beneath old growth forests , while the LED ceilings above reflect the canopy of trees towards the people below.

Inside the casino there is a wide variety of games for players to pick from. SkyCity casino is known for having the largest selections of casino games in Asia. People who want to hit the jackpot can select from a variety of choices like best slot game malaysia, table games and other casino games.

For those who like playing a game of chance can test their skills with the many options for table games available. There are numerous table games such as Blackjack Roulette, Baccarat, roulette and poker as well as their variantsto begin.

With the number of players at every table game, dealers are skilled and willing to instruct the players on how they play the game in the event that a new player isn't familiar with the rules of the game.

The casino also takes pride by providing gamblers with multiple lines of machines of which has an entirely different game of slot. Both casual and professional gamblers alike can be delighted for choice and will be amazed at the number of slot machines that they are able to play. This is ideal for novice players looking for the thrill of winning , without being concerned about whether their skill at an online game might not be enough to guarantee their win as they had hoped for.

Inside the casino the casino also offers complimentary beverages and other refreshments to gamblers who wish to drink, but are not willing to leave the casino due to any reason.

Genting Casino Conclusion

There's plenty to explore and do in the Genting Highland Casino From taking in breath-taking mountain views and natural surroundings to the many malls inside the hotel resort. Casinos aren't the only main attraction of the resort hotel but with the abundance of options and attractions for tourists those with young families or large groups of tourists will be in at the hotel that is part of resort.

The gamblers who visit the two casinos will not be disappointed by the wide range of games available that range from slot machines and table games which are scattered across the floor of the play online casino malaysia to the beautiful architectural design that is sure to surprise and delight casual and serious gamblers alike.

SkyWorld Casino has made itself an impact on the international scene, wowing everyone. It is certain to be the destination to go to when you decide to travel to the mountains for a bit of gaming. It's well worth your time.

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