Casino Tips and Guides for Bonus Bears

Certain people are naturally drawn to teddy bears as well as all kinds of pet. People who are attracted to this type of pet probably enjoy watching cartoons as well as other types of animation. If you're an avid teddy-lover have you ever considered having the same excitement (just like in the films) at an online gambling establishment? I can assure you that there's nothing better to enhance the thrill of online slots than to incorporate the adorableness of teddies into it. This is why Playtech along with slot game online mega888 have created Bonus Bears slots as a means of bringing a brand new level of fun and excitement the online slot fans.

This article you'll learn the fundamental guidelines and tips to ensure that you can enjoy this thrilling game to the max.

What is Bonus Bears What's the Story

Like the title suggests that the name suggests, Bonus Bear is an online video slot machine game which features wild bears as well as symbols such as honey bee, ranger with red eyes, picnic basket honey beehives, picnic baskets honey jars Skunk, skunk, as well as symbols from traditional playing cards that range from 9 to Ace.

This game was designed without any sophistication or sophistication because the features are mostly playful but adorable. The graphics are top-quality despite the basic design of the game.

When it comes to gameplay Bonus Bear is simply incredible. The buttons for spinning the reels, starting auto-play and changing the bets and pay lines are properly arranged below the reels, which makes it easy to navigate the interface.

Players can also check the paytable at any point to find out more about the worth of each symbol. So, in short, although the game's theme is simple, Bonus Bears is remarkably simple to master.

Key Features

  • A five-reel game that has more than 25 paylines.
  • The concept was designed to focus on the wild life of a bear.
  • The letters, colours and images, as a whole are very childish but they're also very attractive.
  • It is easy to play and play with the touchscreen.
  • The paytable is accessible to players.

The Double-Play Mode Of Bonus Bear

Bonus Bear has two modes of play: the free mode as well as paid mode. It is this means that money isn't an issue in you play the game.

If your favorite bet casino malaysia offers Bonus Bear slots, then you can begin playing the game for free mode. This gives you the opportunity to experience the game, and to learn the skills and strategies needed to succeed without taking an ounce of your money. It sounds cool, doesn't it? It's just one of many advantages to the game.

How Do I play Free Bears

It is simple and the graphics and animations are top-quality, so you may want to play this well-known slot game.

As for credits, the smallest bet you can place in bonus Bear slot machines will be 0.01 and the most expensive is 0.50 for each credit. While it is an 'credit' game, it does have the capability to satisfy the most demanding wagerers' needs. The maximum amount that a player can bet is $125. (that is, after playing all 25 paylines , in addition to wagering 0.50 per 10 credits).

Additionally, if you happen to be lucky it is possible that you will take home the jackpot of over 5000 dollars. The wins that are available do not count in the bonus game. For instance, in the bonus honeypot game players can get up to 100 times their initial wager, making this slot more profitable than other slot machines.

A Honey Pot with Bonus Rounds

It's not often that you encounter a game which is loaded with bonus features like multipliers and free spins. This is exactly what Bonus Bear slot can offer players.

It is the wild symbol of the game is represented through the bee itselfit appears powerful but cute. The beehive is an scatter symbol, which can trigger certain effects, including the honey feature, multipliers, and many other free games.

In order to create a large winning combination The wild bear is able to replace any other symbol on the reels, with the exception of the beehive. With this option, bear will be more frequent when spinning the reels which gives the player a higher chance of winning.

How Do I Get This Bonus

Honey feature Honey feature is a thrilling bonus feature which allows players to get free spins. The bonus feature is activated after the spins have been adorned with at minimum 3 beehive symbols.

In order to collect the most bonus pots you can is the primary goal in this round of bonus. The bear will make it to one of the five trees to search for honey pots in order to collect them. The more honey's reward greater the reward is. The bonus will be available until a real honeybee is was discovered. It is interesting to note that this bonus feature can be activated in normal play and also during bonus spins.The free spins feature is initiated when the wild icon (or the bear) appears on reels 2 and 3 real-3, real-4, or real following the spin has been successful. When you trigger and reactivate this feature, players can get more than 15 gaming hours. Additionally, during the free spin , your winnings are multiplied by three to increase the winnings total.

Where can I play the Bonus Bears

The real money version, which is free, that is available Bonus Bears is only available on casinos that are online and partnered with Playtech. If you'd want to try the game using your phone We strongly recommend the mega888 online. Mega888 has more than hundreds of slot machine games that include Bonus Bears.

Before you go...The answer is Bonus Bears. Bonus Bears if you're looking for something that is simple and elegant but with a lot of excitement in terms of graphics. This slot game offers you the genuine excitement and energy that you've missed in casinos for a long time. Take a look at the free credit card e-wallets here!

In fact, Bonus Bears is a excellent game for anyone who is tired of the similarity of numerous online casino games since it's different and thrilling.

Why not give it a go Bonus Bears today? You'll be grateful you did.