Can You Make Millions From Sports Betting

Can You Make Millions From Sports Betting? Yes, you can make money from sports betting. People do it every day. But it takes a smart approach, preferably a contratrian one. Bettors on sports are happy to make winnings from their pastime. But do you think you'll be successful in earning $1 million from betting on sports?

You could view this as a kind of fantasy. In the end, very few can beat bets on sports on a regular base, or even make seven figures.

You may be shocked to find out that earning $1 million in sports betting profits is easy in terms of math.

In this article, I'll discuss different methods to earn millions through gambling and also if it is worth the effort to take on this challenge.

The Route to $1 Million

The most efficient way to earn $1 million from online betting on sports is by placing bets of $1.1 million on odds of -110. It is possible to place a typical NFL betting bet on the spread of points and get the chance of winning seven figures with this method.

Naturally, it's the case that you do not have this amount of money to gamble on sports. Even even if you did, placing bets this much in a single event is a terrible way to manage your managing your bankroll (unless you're billionaire).

If you're just like the ordinary people who wager on sports, your money could be worth anything between a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. For the purposes of this article I'll assume you've got $1000 to gamble.

The thought of converting $1000 to $1 million from betting on sports is almost impossible. You'll be unable to convert $1,000 into $2000.

But, you will one day turn $1000 into one million dollars in a cautious method. The ideal goal is to make one percent of your savings daily in profit.

It isn't realistic to get a 1 percent win every single day. The betting on sports is full of risk regardless of your skill.

Yet, earning an average daily income of one percent of your budget is a straightforward way towards $1,000,000.

This plan will allow you to achieve seven figures in just 695 days, which is just less than two years.

There is a compounding calculator to examine your math. Simply enter how many days (instead of years) under the "years to increase" category.

Your path to $1 million might not go in a straight line. But , it's clear that it is possible to make millions through gambling on sports using a smaller amount of money and a conservative approach to goals for the short term.

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What Kind of Bets Should You Take?

Parlay bets (a.k.a. accumulators) can help you gain a substantial profits. For instance, you could bet $10 on an eleven-team parlay and earn $15,000.

However, this is a far way from the million. It is possible to allow parlay winnings to ride and again until you hit $1 million.

The issue is that parlays carry very long odds. If you are assuming you get half of the bets the odds of winning when playing an 11-team parlay is only 1 out of 2,047.

As mentioned earlier it is possible to still earn seven figures by earning just 1 percent of your bank account every day. So, there's no reason to be hung up on being the winner of the sports betting lottery repeatedly.

It is also possible to place bets that are highly likely of winning and make modest gains. You can, for instance, get highly favored outcomes using odds of -2000. If you make a winning bet, you'll earn $5 for every $100 you risked.

The problem the risk of losing any one of these bets could set you back some money. If you lose the bet at odds of -2000 it will require you to win 20 times with the same odds in order to make it even.

Another option is to use arbing (a.k.a. arbing).

Gambling arbitrage is the practice of placing bets on the available outcomes of a particular game to make sure you earn an income.

Of course, it's not possible to bet on all outcomes of the same sportsbook. In the event that you do, you'll lose when the juice (a.k.a. juice) is in play.

It is better to locate two or more bookmakers which differ in odds that you can be able to make money. Also, you must bet on these odds prior to bookmakers alter their odds.

Arbing is a good example

  • Boston Celtics -195
  • Brooklyn Nets 215
  • You bet $200 on the Celtics.
  • You must bet $96.06 in Brooklyn to increase your odds.
  • Your earnings is $6.54.

If you spot a possible arbitrage, you can make use of an arbitrage calculator to identify the best wager sizes.

Sportsbooks are conscious of the possibility of arbing. They are constantly trying to move their lines close to one another to avoid arbing opportunities.

There is also the issue of worrying about the possibility of sportsbooks restricting or even banning your account from gambling arbitrage. They don't like gamblers who use strategies that promise profits.

In the end, however, arbing is an extremely safe strategy for earning 1or 2 percent profits. Actually, that's the typical profit range is achievable with your average arb.

Another way to earn an 1% profit per day is through steam movement.

"Steam" is the term used to describe a group of professional gamblers (a.k.a. syndicate) bet large in the identical outcome in various betting sites.

Bookmakers then have to adjust their odds quickly in order to reduce the risk of new bets that are placed for the identical outcome. A steam chaser searches for those who haven't altered their odds and then grabs the chance.

The sportsbooks see steam chasers the same manner as they see arbitrage gamblers. They'll block or limit the accounts of anyone they consider to be the steam-chasing type.

The complexities in the Path to $1M

I've previously discussed the difficulties when using specific methods to make $1 million from betting on sports. However, you'll encounter additional difficulties when it comes to seven figures. However there are a few other factors to think about before setting out on an impressive target.

You're likely to make a few mistakes On the way

When you make bets at Malaysia online gambling website that have high odds, you'll face difficulties when trying to make an amount of money. Also, betting on sports can be a source of variation even when you've a well-planned strategy for betting on sports.

Sometimes, you'll be on a high and you win a few bets in one go. Sometimes you'll think that you can't bet on sports.

The thrill of this roller coaster amplified when you are chasing a fortune.

There are likely to be some major bumps in the road which could set you back or make you want to quit your idea.

It is possible to get bored with the Method

The concept of winning $1 million dollars in just 695 days sounds incredible to people of average age. However, it can be a lengthy process, especially after several hundred days.

In conjunction with the potential for mishaps You could become bored of chasing little short-term rewards. You could even make bigger bets or even try your hand at more profits.

It is true that straying from the plan you have in mind is detrimental in achieving this huge objective. You could lose an extremely important bet and then give up possibility.

You Must Still be a successful gambler

The primary purpose of betting methods is the ability to avoid the house edge or to make up for the lack of abilities. The Martingalesystem, which requires players to make double bets after every loss, is an excellent illustration.

The one-per-day profit of 1% to make $1 million is a good illustration. It might sound appealing however it's not foolproof.

You're not likely to make a million dollars, or even $10, in the long term if you do not have excellent techniques. A goal or a betting strategy can overcome the inability to beat odds and the bookmaker's juice.

You must score at the minimum 52.5 percent of the times to beat odds of -110.

It may not seem like an impossible however, it's not simple.

Many sports bettors make their money over time. So, you must be more successful than the average gambler in order to succeed.

Do you have to try your best to win Seven Figures through Sports Betting?

Making $1 million from bets on sports is no simple job. If it were as easy as trying to achieve a 1 per day win, everyone could be earning it.

However, you don't have to abandon this dream because of the difficultness by itself. It is possible to make a million with betting on sports without risking a fortune in doing this.

In the previous example in the previous example, you start with $1000 and then work your way up from there. You could earn from betting $1 million in just two years, assuming that everything is in order.

Of course, I've also stressed that the dominoes may not be perfectly aligned. You'll encounter plenty of ups and downs along the road to big wins.

In the end, you must have the ability to win consistently.

The plan won't work when you don't get wins often enough to outscore bookmakers.

You can also try to win with traditional handicapping. But, it is true that only a tiny percent of bettors are skilled enough handicappers to beat the sportsbooks.

You'll be more successful in winning using steam moves or arbitrage betting. However, both strategies could result in your account being relegated or even blocked.

You must also purchase betting programs to be able to take the best chance of making steam moves or arbing. These methods are virtually impossible to apply by yourself.


In the end, you will realize how winning $1 million through betting on sports isn't an straightforward task, regardless of the method you choose to pursue it. The goal of achieving an average of 1% per day profit is one of the easiest ways to reach it.